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Thursday, 23 June 2011

My 24th scale cottage

Today, as I've not taken any new photographs of the things I'm currently working on, I thought I'd show you my 24th scale cottage. This is all made from foam board and mount board and just a little balsa wood.

This is the pantry before the walls went up around it - obviously I bought the goodies on the shelves.

Now you have to look through the door from the kitchen into the pantry. I added a loaf of bread and a jar of jam to the table after this photograph was taken so the table was all set for afternoon tea.

This is the sitting room and of course there had to be a cat relaxing on the settee. I embroidered cushions to go on the chair and settee as it looked just a little bare. There is a pair of tiny reading glasses made from fuse wire on the sideboard with the pile of mail but they're too tiny to show up in the photograph.

Here is a close up of the book shelves and the stairs which lead up to the bedrooms.

And here is the upstairs landing complete with chest of drawers for the bed linen.

This is the child's bedroom. I embroidered the little rug to match the rabbit I painted on the bed head. The wallpaper is scrapbooking paper. I think perhaps I still need to make some tiny toys to go inside the toybox.

And here is the matching rabbit height chart pinned to the wall.

Mum and dad's bedroom is pink too - what can I say ... I was going through a very pink phase.

And this is the other side of the parents' bedroom showing the fireplace, laundry basket (embroidery canvas wrapped around a mountboard box) and wardrobe.


  1. Hello Judith, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog.

    This is a really cute project!

  2. I love the pink bedroom! It's adorable! The whole project is amazing. Thanks for sharing the details.

  3. I think I recognise these rooms from Bea's books but you have put so much of your own touch on them - they are just lovely. The pink bedrooms are delightful. You are very clever with your painting and the little details. The loungeroom looks cosy and welcoming; great touch with the glasses. And the kitchen is so inviting too, ready to sit right down and have a cuppa. You've done a wonderful job Judith. Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)