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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Another exhibition!!

But this time it's my very own exhibition - yes ... just me!! I've been working towards this for what seems like a very long time and indeed the pieces have been stitched over several years. There was a real mixture of emotions as I walked out of the gallery space after hanging them and the house looks very bare without all my lace and my books. So I thought I would share some pictures here, even though you will have seen some of them before.

Red Square - inspired by a memorable holiday in Moscow

Fairy Garden - inspired by the Fairy Garden at Cannon Hall 

Autumn Leaves - inspired by falling leaves on a sunny Autumn day - you know the days when dust motes sparkle in the air

Strange Fruit - very loosely inspired by a pomegranate

Carnival! - a Venetian style carnival mask

Lace Trio - the butterfly at the top of this trio was the second piece of needle lace that I ever made. The other two pieces are examples of Point-de-Gaze lace

Butterfly #2 - What can I say ... I love stitching butterflies

 17th Century Echo - a very much enlarged copy of a motif from a piece of 17th century Venetian Gros Point lace in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Out of Africa - a design by Ros Hills
Clematis - inspired by the plants in my garden

And then there are the boxes ...

Garden Casket - this has butterflies around the sides of the lid and flowers on the top

Sycamore box

and finally the books ...

 The Fairies

 The Lewis Chessmen

Playing With Rainbows


 The front cover of my stump garden sketchbook

I do hope that you've enjoyed this little tour around some of my exhibition pieces