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Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Pavilion is taking shape

I'm determined to take control! My natural instinct - and I know I'm not alone here - is to start work on lots of different projects. You'll have noticed this already. I always seem to get excited by something new when I'm a few weeks (or sometimes days) into a project and then the new project is overtaken by something else ... and so we go on. So this week I'm determined to finish one project ... and the chosen project is ... the Pavilion.

I have the roof tiled at last. Those tiles are just made from strips of painted cereal box but I think they look quite effective.

The garden is starting to take shape too. The decking is complete and the walls are covered in bricks - yes, more cereal packets painted and then cut up into individual brick shapes before being stuck onto the wall. That took me a couple of days to do. The gravel path is laid. I sprayed it with hair spray to set it in place and the colour has darkened considerably, which I'm not too happy with but not sure what to do about that. I'm hoping I like it better once the grass and plants are in place. I don't think that those plant pots will be staying there in that corner. You'll see that I bought and fitted lights too - a little lantern by the door ...

... and two beautiful flower shaped wall lights inside. They don't show up too well on this photo but they seemed the most appropriate choice for a flower shop. The only way to access the Pavilion is by removing the roof so all the lights have to fit on the wall.

I've decided to put the two cupboards on either side of the side door rather than underneath the windows as I'd originally planned. The wire from the outside light will be covered up eventually.

I made a shop counter/florist's bench too. This still needs a coat of that darker green paint so it will match the cupboards rather than the doors and windows.

And then I went shopping. The bird bath was plain white resin until I painted it over with stone coating paint. I just love the little gremlin! The rusty watering can will have flowers 'planted' in it eventually.

And finally - just because I can't resist him - here is Willow waiting patiently for me to stop making minis and do something more entertaining instead.


  1. I can see you have been busy. Both the roof and the decking looks great. And I`m looking forward to see more of the inside finished.

  2. Your flower shop is delightful Judith. You have a real eye for detail. The lights are charming and so is the wallpaper - perfect for the setting. And painting the birdbath with a stone paint turns an ordinary object into something special. I'll follow with interest as you work on this project.
    Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)

  3. Haha, I think we all suffer from the dilemma of being interested in more than one project at a time. You've seen the French artist's amazing papier mache house on my blog - I don't know about you but now I want to do one of those too!!

    I like what you've done with the bird bath, I've never used that stone coating paint but it could definately be worth investigating I think.

    As for Willow, just be happy that he's content to watch - imagine the possible destruction if he wanted to HELP!

  4. Es un proyecto maravilloso, me encanta como te esta quedando.
    besitos ascension