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Thursday, 14 July 2011

There are flowers in the pavilion!

Yes, I've finally managed to make a start on the interior of the pavilion ... or the Secret Garden florist as it is now known.

I'll be adding more things to the shelves but I thought I'd show you what I've done so far. There's that little gremlin I bought a couple of weeks ago - remember? I still think he looks really cute.

I need to add some skirting board around the bottom of the walls. It's funny how you can forget about doing things until you see the photo and realise what still needs to be done.

These sunflowers are from a haberdashery shop. I am making some flowers for the garden but I thought these looked fine and they match the pattern on this little jug and brighten up an otherwise quite dark corner. 

I need to make more birdhouses as these have been 'borrowed' from the Pretty Little Things shop so there's a big gap on the sales table in there now. I'll be adding more things to the top of these cupboards too - I just haven't decided exactly what yet, so watch this space.

Out in the garden this pot of geraniums is the only sign of flowers yet though the flower beds are beginning to take shape and I've been making lavender flowers to edge the path and agapanthus from a kit from Ladies Mile Miniatures (www.ladiesmileminiatures.co.uk/pages/plants-flowers).

I put some display shelves beneath the windows to entice customers in and added some pot plants on one ... and a summery wreath on the other. More to be added here too. Got to fill all those gaps!

I added signs - the Garden sign on the inside of the side door and then a shop sign on the front and a welcome sign in the door.

My daughter's coming to stay for a few days so there will be no more work done on this until next Monday now.


  1. Weel you did a great job, it allready looks very nice. I like the little gardensign on the door.
    Lovely !!!

    Hugs Mieke

  2. The flowers brighten and give life where they are!
    Congratulations for the work done.

  3. It is looking fabulous! Enjoy your daughter!

  4. Hi Judith!!! I love the pavilion and all the amazing flowers and details,miniregards from Spain,Sonia.