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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Moving things around in the tea room

This morning I decided I'd had enough of flowers for a while and went back to Attic Tea Rooms to move things around a little. Did I tell you that Attic stands for All The Tea in China? So ... I swapped the shop and the cafe to opposite sides to the way they were before.

There is actually room for more tables this way as I've put the shop counter in front of the window now to display the cakes. There is a wonderful tea rooms in town which has shelving around the walls with scores of beautiful vintage china tea sets on show and their tea is served in mismatched china. A real shot of nostalgia! So I was thinking that I might re-model the Attic along those lines ... hence the collection of tea pots on the dresser there. I do have several tea sets waiting in the wings too so I think I need more shelves!

While I was in there I added a jug of roses on the top of that display stand in the corner...

and gave Millicent (the owner) a pretty picture to look at while she's doing her paperwork.

I added a tea cup and a cake to her desk too. I think she deserves a treat after sorting out all that mail.

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  1. Compliments for your scene. I love especially the desk in the last picture. :o)