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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Furniture for the manor

It's been pretty wet here for the past couple of days and I've had to busy myself indoors so, apart from cleaning up the garage/work room a bit more, I've also been stitching. I have two projects on the sewing machine at the moment - I'm making a patchwork quilt from beautiful fabric that my daughter bought me from Liberty's for Christmas and I'm also making two bags. Our Embroiderers Guild challenge (or one of them) is to make a bag for September from the beige fabric they provided. I'm making two project bags - a large one for my embroidery and a smaller one to take along to group meetings.

This is the small bag. I still need to decorate it and put a fastener on that tab. The fabric is rather difficult to work with as it has some kind of rubbery finish to the back so it won't really press flat. Once it's filled with fabric and threads of course I don't think that will really matter.

On the minis front I've been making furniture for the manor house kitchen - a table and dresser

OK, the dresser still needs door and drawer handles adding but they're almost there.

I also made these two cupboards to fit underneath the windows in the flower shop/pavilion.

And here is the decking fitted in position with the wall behind it built up. I spent ages this morning making bricks to glue onto that wall!

And, finally, here is a jack-in-a-box that we made at our miniatures group this week.

The box is mountboard and Jack is made from a pipecleaner, wooden bead and crinkled paper with unravelled bunka thread for hair. I may just have to make a toy shop for him to sit inside!

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