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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Progress on the manor house and the pavilion

I've been having some computer problems so I've not been back here for a while but I've not been idle on the miniatures front while I've been gone. The manor house and pavilion are both progressing in tandem at the moment as the mood takes me.

The manor now has stairs with railings on the ground floor. I had hoped to put a door leading out at the back of the hallway but with the dog-leg staircase it's impossible, as you can see so I need to rethink what I might do with this space on each floor.

I've also been working on the pavilion garden and have been making some decking from coffee stirrers.

The decking will be fixed to the left hand side of the side door so the garden wall needs to be raised on that side to accommodate it. I also made a little gate from those sticks.

Of course, it had to be dirtied a little.

And finally, because I couldn't resist including a photo of my favourite cat, here is Willow cuddling his blanket.

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  1. I can see you have been busy. I love the little gate! And the decking looks great too.