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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Back to the manor house

I've had a busy morning. The initial build on the pavilion is finished and I've found a temporary home for it at least in my lounge.

Obviously, there is still masses of work to do on this but at least the pieces are put together so it's off the kitchen counter, which is where I've had to build it as the workbench is full of Georgian manor. I've changed my mind about what this is going to be too and now think it will be a flower shop/mini garden centre. I have lots of dried flowers already so I think this will be an ideal place to house them.

Flushed with success at having put the pavilion together I went back to the manor house and finally managed to get the lights fixed in the ground floor rooms.

I really struggle with 24th scale light fittings and these were particularly tricky as the light bulbs weren't inserted - I don't actually know if that's a normal thing but the ones I've had before have been fully assembled. The gas lamps in the kitchen and butler's pantry are very narrow but with a little blu-tack, a pair of tweezers and a strong magnifying glass I finally succeeded. The next job will be the staircase so I've stained all the newel posts and spindles this morning in readiness.

I've also been tidying up my workspace a little. My workroom is actually in the garage - I don't have a car, thank goodness as there's no way I'd ever get one in there. I now have one set of shelves which are neatly stacked with mini bits and pieces - all labelled and organised. I'm not showing you the rest of the space!

And finally, because the sun is shining and I felt a little guilty about not having gone out to make the most of it by gardening, I pulled out a few weeds and picked myself this bunch of flowers from my peony. They smell just as good as they look, I promise you.

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  1. I love DHE latest kit and almost bought one myself. Really versatile and there are heaps you can do including a kit bash! I know you've already decided, but you might want to buy another! lol

    I adore peonies sooo beautiful. ;o))

    Your work space it organised, I don't label any of my boxes etc. lol

    Michelle x