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Monday, 30 May 2011

Progress on the pavilion

Well, I'm obviously going to finish the build on the pavilion now I've started as it's going together really quickly. I really should be getting on with the manor house but I hit a snag with the lighting and this looked like a lot more fun than struggling with 1/24th scale light bulbs and wires the thickness of cotton thread.

You can't really see the colour too well from this picture but the doors and windows are painted a soft green. I purposely didn't do a great job with the painting and then I distressed them further with some dark brown paint as I want the outside to look a little worn and scruffy.

You can see the exposed bricks on this one at the top corner of the window.

This is the front exterior. The plasterwork needs dirtying up a little yet but I'm getting there.

And finally the interior.

The building has turned out to be larger than I'd anticipated. Yes, I know I should have checked the measurements before I bought it, but I didn't ... so now I'm wondering where on earth I'm going to put it on display as there's also a garden, which will just have to go alongside it, rather than in front.

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