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Monday, 23 May 2011

The Georgian Manor is beginning to take shape

Sorry I've been away for so long! I've been on holiday to Russia and had a wonderful time seeing this amazing country. Just a few days each in Moscow and St Petersburg but so much to see and do. Our wonderful tour guide even gave us an extra surprise ... champagne and Russian chocolates at 11pm at the side of the lake which inspired Swan Lake - totally magical.

Since I've been back though I've been pretty busy. Yesterday was my birthday and I designated it a day of play so I've made progress on my manor house. Did I say that, as well as the mdf being shiny on one side, the internal doorways are small and arched ... not at all suitable for fitting doors into ... so I've had to cut out a larger piece and make doors from balsa wood and card and fitted them on cloth hinges. I'm fairly happy with them.

So now I've almost finished the ground floor. This will be the kitchen ...

... and the hallway. On the right hand side is a pantry. I've also drilled the holes for the lights in the ceilings for this floor and chiselled channels out of the floor above to accommodate the wiring.

The Easter box was also out of date so I quickly changed that into the beginnings of a hat shop. I'll add more to this in the next day or so when I have a little more time but these are just three of the hats that I had 'in stock' together with a 'shabby chic' jug of flowers, a bowl of fruit and a mirror so the ladies can see how they look when they're trying on the hats.

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