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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bird houses and flowers

OK It's official ... I have no willpower. It was my birthday a week ago and I treated myself to two new kits from Dolls House Emporium. I know, I know, I'm nowhere near finished with the Georgian manor yet but they were so cheap and it was my birthday so I got extra discount. I bought the pavilion and the retreat. The retreat is going to be a quilter's cottage as I love making miniature patchwork quilts and the retreat is going to be a chocolate shop with a little courtyard garden where you can sit and drink hot chocolate and eat chocolate cake in the sunshine - because, you guessed it, I love chocolate.

Anyhow, as I said, I have no willpower. I know that I need to get on with the manor house, but there were those two new kits sitting there, beckoning me. I planned to just check that all the contents were there, honestly I did, but before I knew it I was coating all those pieces with mdf primer ... and then I was painting the windows and doors in the pavilion. Now, how did that happen?! The battery in my camera has run down so I'll have to post photos tomorrow.

I made the paint look a little scruffy and some of the render is going to have fallen off the walls exposing a few of the bricks, but inside will be clean and tidy. I'm feeling inspired by Joanne Harris' books - you know, Chocolat and the Lollipop Shoes.

The other day I found these two little birdhouses in a local 'Works' shop for less than £1 each so they came home with me and got painted and then some of the walls covered with scrapbooking paper. They're going to sit on top of one of the cupboards in my bathroom.

These were the flowers I picked from my garden on my birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday and congratulations with your new kits, I`m sure you deserve them :)
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