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Thursday, 27 October 2011

The top floor is decorated

... well, there is wallpaper on the walls at least. I've decided that the smaller portion of this top floor is going to be a bathroom so have chosen some pale blue tiled paper for the walls in there.

I have a darker blue version of the same paper which I'm planning to put on the floor. The roof slopes down towards the front to accommodate the dormer windows so the doorway is quite close to the back wall but there is plenty of space to fit a bathroom suite in here. I already made a chest of drawers which I don't think will be staying in that back corner.

The larger portion of this level is going to be the children's room - bedroom and playroom combined. The paper on the back wall is the same blue with little birds printed on it and the side walls have a striped paper - just to break up the blue a little as I'm intending to have a baby boy and a somewhat older girl.

I made a cot from a kit bought from Petite Properties and a bookcase (you can see a few books strewn on the floor already. I've also made railings to go around the stairwell to prevent the children from having a major accident. The stain is drying on these at the moment, which is why they're propped up like that.

I also made a desk for the study ...

... this is awaiting a coat of varnish and some drawer handles.

Meanwhile, I've also been making progress on the little Halloween scene.

There is a basket of toadstools ...

... a pile of pumpkins, a broomstick ...

... a spell preparation table (not quite finished yet as the cauldron needs to have something brewing and the table needs more ingredients) ...

... and a dresser filled with books, potions, scrolls and a carved pumpkin.

We're not there yet but it is starting to come together.


  1. Great progress! You are a talented lady! very impressive work!

  2. Una casita de muñecas muy bonita. Seguiré sus progresos. Un saludo, Eva