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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Google translate gadget

I've been trying for what seems like ages now to add a translate gadget to my blog but Blogger just tells me that the Google translate gadget is broken - as are all the other translation options that it supposedly offers. Can any of you more experienced bloggers please tell me how to get around this and make it possible for my overseas followers to read my posts in their own language?

Thank you


  1. I've had the same problem but then saw a blog with the translator on it. Underneath it said something like " get this" so I clicked on it and it's now on my blog. I hope it's working. Of course, I can't find the blog that I found it in. All I can say is, keep trying. Blogger has a mind of it's own and doesn't always do what you want!!

  2. Judith, I cant send comment in your blog, somehow!

    Hello, Judith. Thank you for your attention to my request. Im not more experienced bloggers but my translater-gadget ok and I try to teach you : add new gadget 'yava script' and paste :

    ...(this text cant be send!!! take me your email, please!)...

    I'm not sure how to reduce English 'en' or 'eng'

    May be that way to work, I hope!

  3. Judhit, hello. Sorry, my previous comment did not come?

  4. I wrote there that could tell you the text of the gadget (for try one more), but this text is not held as a comment. Give me your e-mail, please.