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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The library has books

I've been hard at work in the library for the past couple of days and now have the floor down and polished, the walls panelled and painted, the bookcases made and filled ... so I thought I'd better let you see what I've been doing.

The books are fake, some are just free printable blocks of books from the internet cut out and stuck onto the front of a block of balsa wood. The others are individual covers which I've cut out and again stuck around blocks of balsa. Because they're glued into the bookshelves (to make them Willow proof) and on the back wall I'm happy that they look realistic enough. The central, smaller cabinet is a trophy cabinet and now has a 'silver' trophy cup on one of the shelves but I took this photo before I remembered I had the trophy. Other items will be added when I see something I like. I'm going to Pudsey Miniatures Fair in November so will see what I can find there.

I felt the walls looked a bit dark (they're much darker in real life than they appear in this photograph) so I dry brushed them with a bit of ivory paint to make the room look just a little bit worn around the edges. They need more work yet. This room will also have a wing chair, footstool and a large desk eventually - when I've made them.

I've done a little more to the bed so it now has a top sheet and silk coverlet. Still more to do here too but my main priority at the moment is really to get the decorating on this third floor finished so I can get on with the build as, because the house is 1/24th scale and the rooms are so tiny, I'm decorating as I work my way up. The majority of the furniture and the accessories can wait really. It's just that sometimes I get a little carried away and eager to see it all finished.


  1. Judith, that books are absolutely real, no matter empty inside! They are old, frayed and dusty even (as in the photo seems). I love reading and love books read out by the old and their special smell. Looking at this picture I almost feel it! Is cover the paper after printed?


  2. Can you add any gadget "translate" in your blog? please)))) Your knou, in Russia (maybe in the world) in literature and journalism exists a cliche-joke "the British did not accept the idea that someone speaks their language"))))

    Hugs, Katy

  3. I really enjoyed it! I'm curious to see the progress.

  4. Katy, I tried again today to add the translate gadget to my blog but blogger just says that it is broken and can't be added at the present time. I will keep trying - promise. x