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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The bedroom is coming together

I've been working on the bedroom in the manor house this last week. I've made all the furniture for this room so it's taken a while ... and it's still not completely finished but I thought I'd better give you a progress report or you'd be thinking I'd disappeared from blogland completely :-)

This is the silk fabric which I printed on my computer for the bedroom walls. I have a sheet left which I plan to add to the drapes on the bed too.

Here you can see the fabric in place. I panelled the bottom half of the walls in this room. I've seen this effect in a number of stately homes which I've visited recently and am really quite pleased with the result.

This is the wardrobe (minus doors) and the pot cupboard, which still needs a second coat of stain and some handles on the door and drawer.

And here you can see the bed and the washstand. Since taking this photograph I've added a higher foot board to the bed to hold the mattress in place but you can see the valance strip in position at the top of the bed base.
It's all coming together slowly but surely.

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  1. Judith this room is looking beautiful already. The wallpaper is gorgeous and I love that you printed it out on silk. Having it on the bed too will really add a special touch. The furniture is great - congratulations on doing such an excellent job of making it all. The finished product will be well worth the effort, showing all the attention to detail that has gone into it.