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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Racing towards the finish line

I'm sorry I've not posted for a while. I have been busy on the Georgian house, but there really hasn't seemed to be much to show for the work. It's a matter of catching up on all the bitty jobs that make it possible to fit it all together... odd bits of painting and the like. So here are the fruits of all that labour.

The fronts are painted on the outside. Gosh those quoins were tricky to do but I'm quite pleased with the result. The doors onto the balcony still need work but I couldn't resist putting the letterbox onto the front door.

The roof tiles are painted. I've splodged a little white paint on the back of where the dormer windows will fit. I'm planning to put blinds or curtains at the windows before I glue them in place so that it looks a little more realistic at least.

Here are those dormers ... all painted.

The porch and balcony are painted and glued together but I need to finish those balcony doors before I fix them in place.

The bathroom is decorated and I fixed a light to the back wall. The ceiling is far too low to have a light hanging in the normal manner so I thought this would be an acceptable compromise. I'm going to the Pudsey Miniatures Fair next weekend so am hoping to find a nice 24th scale bathroom suite to go in here.

The children's room is decorated, complete with safety rail around the top of the staircase. There is a lamp up against the back wall which will eventually sit on a bedside cabinet when I've made one. In this picture you can also just about see that I added curtains to the bed downstairs and a tiny lace motif on the silk coverlet. When the house is complete I'll go through each room in turn and show you photos of everything in there so better pictures will come in due course. 

This is the carpet I made for the children to play on.

I put lots of pictures on the walls in the study

The light fitting looks a little crooked. I must have caught it with my hand when I was fixing those paintings in place.

There are more portraits in the hall

and yet more pictures in the sitting room.

You get a better view of the cameos on the back wall here too.
Lots of furniture still to make and the inside of the front of the house to decorate but, after working on this for the past ten months, I do feel that it's finally coming together.


  1. Your house is comeing together nicely, good job!

  2. I understand very well what you mean by... it's a matter of catching up on all the bitty jobs..
    There are always hundreds of little jobs to do, but it looks very good.
    I think the carpet for the children to play on turned out very lovely.
    have a great Sunday !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  3. I love the study. It's all looking marvelous. Don't you just love putting in all those details. Great work. It will look fabulous!

  4. ¡ Qué casa más bonita! La fachada está preciosa, te va a quedar maravillosa.

  5. Oh Judith it is looking so lovely! All your hard work is really showing. Your attention to detail pays off - all the 'bitty bits' as you call them. It is worth spending the time on them as you have, and it is certainly all coming together. This will be a house to be proud of. Congratulations on a wonderful job.
    Hugs, Sandie