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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A stitching frenzy

At least, that's what this looks like. Actually I've been working on these over a couple of months - just not told you about them before. So this is what I've been doing in between working on the manor house ...

I've had this old wooden box for years and never done anything with it. There is a lift out tray inside which my daughter uses to keep her jewellery in when she comes to visit, but it wasn't ideal really. So I decided to line the box with some leftover fabric from a pair of silk curtains.

And I stitched this piece of needle lace onto the padded piece that sits inside the box lid. Now it looks like a casket fit for jewels.

I've been wanting to try decorative darning for quite a while now and I finally got around to making this sampler.

I made a patchwork bag to hold all my miniature knitting and sewing yarns and needles, etc. I thought the little houses pattern was ideal for holding things for my dolls houses.

Inspired by a beautiful sunny October morning where the sunlight turned the falling leaves to gold, I made this autumn leaves picture in needle lace and goldwork.

And we had a workshop at our local Embroiderers Guild learning how to do stumpwork (raised surface embroidery) and I made this figure. The skirt is needle lace, the jacket a piece of textured silk fabric, the scarf a tiny snippet of georgette and the boots and handbag are real leather - inspired by my beautiful daughter.

I've also been busy finishing off some miniature quilts which I'm planning to sell on Etsy, but I'll show you those another day, when I get that organised.


  1. Wow, you have been busy! All are great work, especially like the job you have done to the jewellery box!

  2. You certainly HAVE been busy! What a lovely lot - and variety - of beautiful project, and how thoughtful of you to make the jewellery box such a lovely container for your daughter's jewellery. I hope you feel refreshed and inspired by your creative endeavours.