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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Additions to some of the rooms

I've been adding some of the accessories that I've bought recently for the manor house so some of the rooms are finally beginning to feel a little more homely and ready for a family to move in.

The dining room now has a table with four chairs and a display cabinet in the corner. There's nothing in the cabinet yet but there is a vase of flowers in the centre of the dining table.

There are some pans on the kitchen stove, some dishes on the sink draining board and more on the worktop and on the dresser, together with some jelly moulds and a jug. A kettle sits on the kitchen table along with a glass bowl, waiting to be filled.

The front door has a letter box, door knob and keyhole and a house sign.

The settees in the sitting room are now covered and there are a couple of letters on the writing desk.

And this is the dressing table in the bedroom, complete with perfume bottles, hairbrush, combs and mirror on a second silver tray and a vase of rosebuds.

There is still lots more to do and lots more to make but progress is happening - slowly but surely.

When I went to Pudsey miniatures Fair earlier this month my main aim was to find a bathroom suite. I did buy one and at the time I felt it was a little large but the woman on the stall assured me that it was 1/24th scale. She was wrong; I was right; it isn't. It's also not 1/12th scale. So I made a tiny roombox just to fit the bathroom suite.

I have pictures, towels and a bath mat to add to this yet but at least the bathroom suite isn't wasted. In the meantime, the search goes on.


  1. Lo más divertido de esta afición es hacerlo tranquilamente e ir añadiendo a la casita los detalles poco a poco. Me gusta como la estas dejando. Un saludo, Eva

  2. A good idea to make a roombox.
    Your house is coming together nicely, your kitchen is very cosy.