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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A tour of my tea room

As promised, here is a brief tour of my Edwardian tea room ...

This is the shop part of the ground floor, with a small selection of tempting cakes. The collection of tea pots on the dresser is growing all the time as I'm tempted by new ones I see in shops and on websites.

This is the actual tea room section with the old lady treating her grand-daughter to a special birthday tea and the two elegant ladies in the background taking a well-deserved rest from their shopping trip.

Here is the kitchen where all the hard work happens. You can see a cake partly made on the dresser at the front alongside a pastry making board complete with rolling pin and another board with ingredients laid out on the table. The washing up is already beginning to pile up.

This is one half of the sitting room where the owner spends her time once the cafe is closed. She has a pile of paperwork awaiting her so it seems like its going to be a long day.

Well, that's probably enough for today. I'll show you the rest of the house tomorrow.

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