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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happe Easter everyone!

It's Easter Sunday and I thought I would celebrate this wonderful weather by giving you a tour of my garden shed - in miniature of course. I wish I had room in my real life garden for a shed like this.

The whole model is made from foam board, card, craft sticks and coffee stirrers.

The gardener has left his tools hanging tidily on the back of the door and his muddy wellingtons are just where he stepped out of them.

Some of the flowers are made from kits but the tall ones are just pink sprinkles glued to wire. I had great fun making the vegetables from Fimo.

I did make a more convincing bird but Willow took a fancy to it and it was lost forever - probably underneath the washing machine or something.
The inside is a little too clean and tidy for my liking now and I may return to this and dirty it up a bit I think.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter break.

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  1. Judith, good morning. Very impressed with your Garden Shed. I took some photos for my inspiration, not banned?