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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter

Always at the last minute with my ideas!!!

I made this box for a competition last year - it didn't win, nor did it deserve to, and I've never really displayed it in my home as I didn't like it much. We were given a photo frame and had to make something amusing to fit. I was inspired by the poem "When I grow old I shall wear purple" and made this little scene.

So ... yesterday I was browsing through my latest dolls house magazine and came across these Easter printies and thought that I'd do something with this little box. I decided to turn it into a seasonal display so quickly papered it inside and out with scrapbooking paper and made a shop counter and shelves from mount board then placed my printies inside, together with a few miniature easter eggs.

Now I'm happier with it and have it on display on the top of my bookshelves, and I will take more time to make things for it next time.

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