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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

An evening of miniatures

I'm not a 'group' person. I'm not a hermit or at all antisocial but I am quite shy and a little unsure of myself (will I ever grow out of this ... I'm guessing not) and I never have been good in groups. I'm much happier with one or two friends at a time. However, I do keep pushing myself outside that particular comfort zone - hence joining the embroiderers' guild meetings and my local miniatures group.

At yesterday evening's mini group we had a sale table and I bought lots of lovely new bits and pieces to add to my collection of things that will come in handy one of these days.

Quite a selection isn't it? Some of the things I know exactly where they will live. The teapot will go into my tearooms and the mincer and mouse trap will go into the kitchen. The two little silver tankards will go into my 1/24th scale cottage - I'll show you that another day. Just look at the fruit though! 

I couldn't resist!! The slices and half oranges are just perfect and the cut apple even has pips and a stalk!

Each month we have a workshop and last night we learned how to make flowers ...

The marks on my pansy's face need a little more work but I think that they're recognisable as an iris, pansy, daisy and poppy. They're nowhere near as impressive as the samples that the lady leading the workshop brought with her but with a little more practice ... Anyhow I'm pretty pleased with them as a first attempt.

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