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Friday, 14 June 2013

Playing with rainbows

That's the title of my latest fabric book. I've shown you some of these pages as they've progressed over the past six months or so but now the book is finished at last. For those of you who are new to my blog (or indeed if you're not new but have forgotten - and who could blame you?) this is my attempt at stitching intuitively. The only rule I set myself when I started out on this particular venture was to not unpick anything so, if I didn't instantly like something I'd done I just kept stitching away at it until it improved. The idea was to play about with colour clashes in silk and beads and threads and see what emerged. So here is the result ...


I've also been busy organising my studio shelves (again). They were actually quite organised before but there was such a mixture of plastic boxes which really didn't look good so I bought some cheap box files and covered them in toning fabrics - pink of course!

I'm so much happier with the way things look now.
Whilst I was in the mood for tidying and prettying, I covered all my sketch books and work books too.

These look much better on the shelf too with their nice new jackets.

What with all that tidying, and trying to get on top of the gardening in the decent weather, not to mention a trip to London, there's not been much happening in the miniatures department but I did manage to fill this set of shelves with haberdashery items. This will be going into my Etsy shop very soon...

together with this sweet set of fabric covered luggage.


  1. Your haberdashery cupboard looks great.

  2. playing with rainbows has turned out beautifully and the covers on the boxes and books look very pretty, I quite like plastic containers though as you can see what is in without having to go through loads of boxes searching!

  3. I love the stitching book. And the no rules thing is fabulous. It turned out gorgeous.
    And your mini work is also wonderful. The shelf is so cute!