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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A trip to London and new cottages

Sorry I've been away for a while but I've been down to London for a few days so I'm going to begin this post with a few of the photos I took whilst I was there.

My son and I had tickets for centre court at Wimbledon - on the day that Federer left the competition. Such an exciting experience ... and another one ticked off the list of things to do whilst I still can. Do you have one of those lists? I don't call it a bucket list, though I know that some people do.

Yes, we were a long way back but actually we had a brilliant view of all the action.

I also made a visit to the William Morris Gallery. I love his designs and found lots of inspiration for embroideries whilst I was there. The gallery is situated inside a park, and as the weather was glorious I spent quite a while looking around the gardens there too.

No photos but my daughter and I went to see Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall - my favourite ballet (it's actually the 9th time I've seen it - all by different ballet companies) and with 127 dancers in total, including 60 swans, this production was certainly impressive!

I've also been busy with my 1/48th scale cottages. There are two in a row this time - one is tiny and the other has obviously been extended at some time as it's twice the size.

I've put false walls in the back of some of the rooms so it appears that there is at least a staircase to the upstairs level.

 This is the ground floor of the smaller cottage - complete with cooker and dresser...

... and here is the bedroom - tiny but there will be enough room for a bed and chest of drawers at least and perhaps a dressing table in front of the window.

The larger cottage now has a separate kitchen with a cooker and sink unit (I still need to put taps on the sink). Probably some wall shelves will complete this room.

Lots of space in the living room for bookshelves, sideboard and comfy armchairs.

Upstairs is a large bedroom and ...
... a tiny bathroom.

The front wall has been covered with air-drying clay with the smaller cottage being given a stonework finish while the larger cottage has plain rendered walls.

There is still lots of work to do on these but I'll show my progress over the coming week or so.


  1. what a great time you had in London, such a shame Federer went out I am a big fan and seem to have lost interest since his loss. Your house is coming along a treat.

  2. I like your new cottage.
    Greetings, Faby

  3. I like the idea of the false walls. Staircases take up so much room don't they? IndyPoppy