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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Another Casalguidi style bag and more

Still with that Casalguidi embroidery workshop in mind, I've been making another piece of this type of embroidery. This is not at all what we'll be expecting the people in the workshop making, of course, but I do feel that it helps to have a few pieces to show folks what is possible. My mind is also obviously still in the purse/pocket/bag kind of groove as this is what I made ...

Very much along the lines of a 17th century sweete bag and with a square of hardanger stitched in for good measure. This may well find its way into the 17th century exhibition next year too.

And, of course, there's also lace ...

This time going along with my Russian theme. This is not the fabric that these colourful little matryoshka dolls will finally be mounted on and they will have embroidered faces, but I thought I'd show them to you as a work in progress.

A further work in progress is this book of colour experiments in silk and beads ...

which I'm working on in and amongst everything else when the mood takes me to do something completely different from my normal embroidery.

The only 'rules' I've set myself are to work intuitively without prior planning and to unpick nothing so ... if something doesn't look quite right when I've done it, rather than unpick, I'm just adding more until it starts to look 'right' again.

Some of those casalguidi techniques are showing up here like all those wrapped cords...

... and padded threads.

These little patches will eventually be stitched onto a silk page in a different colour and there'll be around 8 or 10 pages in total - depends on when I feel it's complete. Watch this space!


  1. you have some lovely examples of casalguidi here Judith a technique I enjoy doing too. Love the idea of putting your pieces in a book, and the comment about not unpicking but carrying on till you are happy reminds me of when I was doing C & G and the teacher would say if you have made a mistake do not unpick but make a feature out of it.

  2. You've been really busy lately! Beautiful work!