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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Jam and a bedroom

Spring has finally arrived here in my Yorkshire garden. I love, love, love these little snake's head fritillaries which bloom alongside my wildlife pond. There are already tadpoles swimming in the pond and the fluff I take from my tumble dryer filter and put out for the birds has almost all gone so proof that the nest building is coming along well too. 

The whole garden is awash with muted purples and yellows with primulas, primroses, daffodils and grape hyacinths. So full of promise.

I bought a large punnet of plums from the supermarket and turned it into jam for my storecupboard too. I intend to do lots more of this this year.

Now ... onto the grand spring clean in the Tea Rooms ...
I've never been happy that there is no staircase up from the first floor to the attic rooms in this building so I've constructed a back wall in the bedroom and added a small door. In real life this would only actually be about 3'6" tall but at least it hints of a way up to bed. The gaps need filling down the side and along the top but I'm quite pleased with how this is coming together now.

I did the same paint job on the furniture here as I did in the living room and turned the bed around to back onto that new wall. There are new cushions to tone with the wallpaper. Tiny slippers on the bedside rug, fluffy towels and a water jug on the stool and a lacy corset draped on the chair.

A trunk filled with linens stands at the end of the bed and a hot water bottle with a cosy knitted cover for cooler nights. The patchwork quilt is my favourite (there are more quilts in my Etsy shop).

A flower-trimmed hat sits atop the wardrobe and matching parasol leans against the pretty floral patterned luggage.


  1. good to see the garden coming alive happening slowly here too. Your house is coming along a treat, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to work so small.

  2. The bedroom is very nice. I like the details.
    Bye, Faby