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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Miniatures today

Two posts in two days! Can you believe it? Today I'm updating you all on progress with my miniature projects. I haven't done all this work in the past week, I assure you - I do sleep occasionally, and this week the sunshine has lured me out into the garden to plant seeds and tidy up the borders.

 However ... there is progress on the tea rooms spring makeover and on the Swan Inn (as my little 48th scale pub is now called). I'll show you the tea rooms first.
 I made a new cover for the cushion on the desk chair, which now fits in with the overall colour scheme.

The rocking chair has two new cushions too.

 I made an armchair from foam board and card with two pieces of dowelling for the arms from a tutorial on Kris' blog http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.co.uk/, and then covered the shade on the standard lamp to match.
So this room is now finished I think.

If you enlarge this photo you'll see that there has been a mini earthquake which knocked photographs over, a book off the bookshelves and one of the fire irons onto the hearth rug. These have now been put back in their proper places and all occupants of the flat are quite safe.

The Swan Inn is almost finished too ...

... apart from curtains at the bedroom windows and books for the bookshelf in the living room - oh, and some pictures for the walls.

And this is my 48th scale village street. There are more cottages to add. The little house which stands between the cottage stores and the Swan Inn is actually a money box, but it's the right size to fit in here.


  1. The Tea room looks very cosy and inviting. Love how the fabric on the chair and lamp match the wallpaper. Looking at these line of simply adorable little cottages makes me start working in little scale too! Natalia

  2. The living room looks really fantastic with the armchair and lamp and the desk and everything.

    I love your 1:48" tearoom. The village is a great idea.

    Hugs, Drora

  3. I so agree with the comment form Natalia your tea room is so so cosy, if I was only smaller I could live there happily.
    Popped into the exhibition yesterday, so glad you told us about it, some beautiful work, was so surprised to see so much done on paper.

  4. El salón se ve precioso y perfecto con todos los preciosos detalles que has añadido,las paredes de la casa fantástica!!! Tienes una preciosa calle!!!!!

  5. The tea room is so cozy. I like the furniture. Your mini village is wonderful.
    Bye, Faby

  6. Hi Judith, for a relatively new miniaturist you make some lovely things, you're obviously a natural! I love the little cottages-such character. Thank you so much for the kind message you left me, I really appreciate it. Gill x