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Friday, 18 January 2013

More work on the Cottage stores

I've been working on my little Cottage Stores building again today and have just a few more pictures to show you.

This picture shows the front of the building with its windows in place and the rough coating on the walls. The front of the building is glued to the pavement section and decorating that will be tomorrow's job I think.
That shop window is really beautiful and just begging to be filled with all kinds of delights. I just need to decide what ... yes, still no final decision made and I think it's because I'm not really sure what I am able to make in this scale. A decision will have to be made soon!

Here you can see the inside, complete with the partition walls in place and the doors which lead to the 'staircase' up to the room above the shop. There are decisions to be made here too. Will it be living quarters for the shop owner, or will it be an office where he does his paperwork, or a store-room for additional stock? You can just see, if you look closely, the floorboards marked out with a fine-tipped pen. The walls of the upstairs room are actually painted a pale blue colour though that certainly isn't clear here.

And finally, here is the view of the end wall.


  1. such detail you have here Judith, I see you even have a fireplace, wonder when you will start to add your stock

  2. The Cottage Stores is one of my favourites of the PP kits - and it's partly because of that window! Like you, I felt it cries out to be filled with wonderful things......
    Hugs, Sandie