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Friday, 25 January 2013

Handbags and a village shop

I've been busy on the miniatures front this week - due mainly to not having been out as a result of the snow that fell last Sunday night and has never melted ... and there's more coming later today apparently. I know that this is very normal for some of you but I hate this feeling of being trapped in the house. I know that I could go out but I'm so nervous of falling on the ice and the pavements are never cleared around here. Anyhow ... enough moaning about the weather ... here are my mini creations.

 I've been making handbags and suitcases and all of these are going into my Etsy shop. They're all made from the finest kid leather.

 A large tan bag

 A deep turquoise handbag with matching suitcase

 A black suitcase with matching handbag

A sweet pale pink handbag

 And two pale tan bags.

I've also made some fittings for my cottage stores - some shelves ... 
and a little corner counter.

And this is the shop completed.

Oh, and yes, I've been trying to finish off some more stitching projects. This piece of lace is complete now - just need to decide where I'm going to put it.


  1. Your handbag and suitcases are wonderful I like the colors.
    The shop is amazing.
    Bye Faby

  2. I love the mini bags!
    Pearl x

  3. Lovely bags! They need shoes now, :)))
    I love your lace. I have the same problem with some finished pieces of mine - I don't know how to use them, but enjoy making. Mini hugs, Natalia

  4. your bags have turned out wonderfully. Like you we have loads of snow, this morning went and measured the overnight dollop and it was 9" deep, melting now though and rain due later this evening to wash it all away.

  5. Vos petits bagages sont très réussis. BRAVO.

  6. The bags and suitcases look fabulous! I especially love the dark purple suitcases that are in your shop.

  7. Your bags are beautiful. Pity they're not quarter scale - then you could sell them in one of the PP shops lol! The Cottage Stores looks beautiful with the facade finished. Hugs Sandie