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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A carpet for the retreat

I finished the rug that I was stitching the other week and I've decided that it will go into my new build - the retreat. There is more progress on the building too as now everything has a coat of sealer and a coat of primer and the walls also have a top coat of Laura Ashley ivory.

The retreat is going to be a shabby chic cabin for a stitcher - yes, in my dreams I would have this little cabin in my garden - well, in the garden of the house that I inhabit in my dreams too. There's no space for a cabin of any kind in my real life garden, sadly. But isn't that just the biggest joy of miniatures? We can have the properties of our dreams.

The walls are all going to be cream and the furniture and fabrics will pick up on the colours in this rug - pastel blues, greens and pinks.

I also finished the four lace sycamore seeds I've been working on. I used Venetian Gros Point techniques to decorate the leaves/wings, and some of them have beads added too.

And here they are, laid on top of the silk they'll be stitched onto. I went for the green silk, though you really couldn't tell that from this photo for some reason.


  1. Muy bonita la alfombra, vaya trabajazo!!

  2. Две недели на такой роскошный ковер - это очень быстро и удивительно! Поздравляю.

  3. The carpet is wonderful. I like the colors and drawings.
    Bye Faby

  4. Fantástica, te ha quedado de lujo :)

  5. You have lovely ideas for your cabin and the rug will look wonderful in it. I have made this one and others from the same book and really enjoyed sewing them. Gill x

  6. Judith, the rug is beautifully done! I love your lace too, can't wait to see the hole project to be finished! Mini hugs, Natalia

  7. The carpet looks so pretty and you've done it beautifully too - I'm pretty sure I have Janet's book but it is packed away, and this is one of the designs I have on my list of 'to do's'. I love the colour scheme you have planned for the Retreat. The sycamore seeds are also beautifully done and look lovely on the silk. Well done Judith, you are a clever lady indeed. Hugs, Sandie