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Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Florist shop is finished!

I finally managed to finish the flower shop. It took me a little longer than I'd hoped - largely because I'd underestimated the length of time it would take me to finish the beautiful orchids that I bought from Georgie (http://theminiaturegarden.blogspot.com/). I got the begonia plants on the shelf unit from her too. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm sure that she could have made them much better than I did as the pieces are very tiny but I'm very pleased with them. Anyhow ... you can see for yourself and make up your own mind about the shop ...

This is the view through the front door - with the orchids in pride of place.


This little shelf is on the wall behind the shop counter.

And this is the door into the garden which I showed you the other day.

 These are the shelves outside the windows

I had to stick the ivy leaves on individually as the wire kept pulling the whole thing away from the wall. There is a pot which stands in front of the wall so it does look as though the ivy is growing out of the ground and, now I've seen the photos I think I'll paint in some stems with a fine paintbrush and some brown paint.

And finally, this is the view through the door from the garden.


  1. Hi Judith, I really enjoyed your flower shop! I really like making flowers, I've done begonias ... do you want to take a look? When you have time, visit my blog. :D

  2. A lot of nice flowers! You can be proud. I have never made any flowers (yet?).

  3. Judith you have made a beautiful job of the Begonias and the Orchids, now you know why I don't sell them ready made!!
    Love your flower shop.

  4. Oh Yeah!! It's gorgeous! All the plants and flowers are exquisite. You made this shop so beautiful. Love all the details!