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Friday, 19 August 2011

Back to work on the Georgian manor house

I've managed to resurrect all my enthusiasm for my 24th scale Georgian manor house - thank goodness! It's been sitting on my workbench for quite a few months now and it really is time that I made progress. So this week I've started work on the first floor, making doors and painting door frames and skirting boards. No pictures of this as it's all pretty dull work really - has to be done and looks fine once it's finished but it's not much to see whilst in progress.

What is slightly more interesting though is that I made some kitchen units and I thought I'd show you again the ground floor rooms ... just to refresh your memory.

Now the wall units are in place I see that actually there's lots more space on that back wall than I'd anticipated but I think I'll just put a shelf up over the sink to hold cleaning products and the like. I've decided that although it is a Georgian manor house, the family now living in it are of a later (as yet unspecified) era. This gives me the freedom to put slightly more modern items in here if I wish rather than slavishly sticking to a specific date period (although I know the Georgian era did cover almost a hundred years and so itself includes many different styles).

This is the butler's pantry. I'm going to put a couple of chairs in here where the servants would have warmed themselves by the fire in an evening once all the work was finished.

And this is the ground floor hallway. Those on the upper two floors will look very similar to this. On the top floor, which is actually in the roof space, the stairs come up into one of the two rooms so there is no hallway as such. Lots of decisions to be made before I reach that point though.

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  1. You definitely have to feel like working on a house to get it done. I love the kitchen and I agree with your decision about not sticking to one era style. I think eclectic is a very cozy look. I LOVE the cupboard in the butler's pantry. It is so dramatic. Have fun!