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Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm so excited!

Winter here in Yorkshire, England is just going on and on and here we are, officially three days into Spring and we have more snow than we've had for years. It started during the night on Thursday and hasn't stopped since. So, to keep my mind off the weather and the fact that it's actually stopping me from going out and doing what I ought to be doing in the garden, I'm concentrating on other things.

Each year our Embroiderer's Guild Region holds a summer school, held in July, where we meet up with folks from other towns in the Yorkshire and Humberside region to spend three lovely days learning a new skill (or revisiting an old favourite) and stitching in beautiful surroundings, meeting old friends and making new ones. There are usually four or five tutors and for the past two years I've spent the weekend learning needlelace with Pat Gibson. This year, however, I'm fortunate to have a place in Owen Davies' class making an embroidered 17th century box garden. This is why I'm excited!

If you're not aware of Owen's work, this is the book he published on the gardens he's made.

 Isn't this amazing?

All embroidered with canvas work and needle lace stitches.

Look at the amazing detail on this brick wall.

Our class is apparently going to be based on the walled garden at Bishop Burton, where we spend the weekend.

Last week I took a trip out to a nearby village to visit my favourite needlework shop and bought this little treasure. The owner goes on regular buying trips to India and that is where this little pocket has come from. It's perfect for holding threads for a project.

Later this year a friend and I are running a workshop on Casalguidi embroidery (not really my decision to do this one) so I thought I'd better practise a bit and this week worked this curvy raised stem bar and some long woven picots. There is more work to be done on this yet, obviously, but I thought I'd show you what I'm currently working on.

There's more activity for the flat above the tea rooms too as I made this comfy armchair and set of pretty fabric covered suitcases.

The armchair still needs to be trimmed with braid but with some pretty cushions I think my tea room owner will be very comfortable.


  1. The walled garden is a fabulous project. I can't wait to see photos of your progress.

  2. I like the armchair and the suitcases. Your new progect is interesting.
    Bye Faby

  3. your weekend workshop sounds exciting. Judith where is the embroidery shop you visited, wonder if I can get there from Leeds, would be good to find a nice shop locally.
    Casalgudi another of my favourite techniques. Love the armchair and cushions, so small and neat

  4. The workshop sounds fabulous Judith - lots of work but what a result! Makes me want to get my needles and thread out, but I'd never try something that ambitious. Love the armchair and cushions too, such pretty fabric and so comfy looking. Hugs Sandie (SnippetsOfMyHalfscaleFairfieldJourney.blogspot.com.au)