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Friday, 24 August 2012

The doorway to Rose Cottage is complete

Time to catch up on some minis again I think. The plan now is to make scenes which will use up my stocks of minis, rather than buying any more. It's strange how much you accumulate over time isn't it?
My little cottage doorway is complete. This has been such fun to do - and so very quick. It only measures about four inches from back to front so takes up very little space too. How I wish my own front door looked like this!!

Here is the inside. Can you see the little siamese cat peeking out from under the table?

And another cat sitting on the doorstep. He's actually watching a bird which I've placed on the top of the door since taking this photograph. I decided to name it Rose Cottage.

The rest of my mini-time this week has been spent clearing up my workroom again. I don't know about you but I seem to accumulate so much stuff around me when I'm working on something, despite my very best intentions. And then I get until I can hardly move on my workbench and really need to spend a couple of days putting everything back where it belongs.

When I got up this morning I found that it had rained during the night - that's really no surprise this summer to be honest, but I had to rush outside to take photos of the raindrops on the leaves in my garden.

A whole pool of water had collected at the base of these leaves on one of my teasel plants.

There was just the start of some blue sky amongst the grey clouds.

Isn't this flower amazing? It's just in the process of unfurling into this ...

And finally here's some pink - just because I love pink.


  1. Your doorway is absolutely stunning! I love it.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Love your littel project. Like you I am trying to use some stock, and finish some projects... it is so satisfying to use what is already there. Sometimes I wonder if i am a horder... at least for miniatures.
    miniature greetings

  3. Hi,I really adore this beautiful scene,so perfect work!! Miniregards.

  4. Lovely little scene, and Rose Cottage is such a pretty, romantic name. And yes, I'm just like you - I accumulate heaps of things around me while I work and end up with a huge mess that needs to be tidied up. Which is the part I hate lol! Sandie

  5. La escena maravillosa, y las fotografias fantásticas, besos:)