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Friday, 11 May 2012

A new venture

Yesterday I began an online embroidery course run by Sharon B at www.pintangle.com. The course is entitled Sumptuous Surfaces and a big part of the purpose, for me at least, in taking this is to learn more about the design process. I've designed things in the past but it's always been kind of intuitive, or accidental, or something, but I've never known the 'theory' of the process.

Lesson 1 is all about that design process and at last I have a framework in which to work and suddenly it all makes sense. For the first three weeks of the course we work in monotone, which doesn't necessarily mean we have to work in neutral shades, though that is what I've gathered together. It's all about the texture so there are soft cottons, crochet threads, perles, chenille, rayons, linens and metallic threads. I think perhaps I need something a bit darker in there too but until I've decided on a final design I'm not sure.

My first piece is going to be based on a cat (surprise, surprise!!) so this morning I sat down with a cup of tea and mind-mapped some ideas about cats.

What struck me particularly from this exercise were the contradictions inherent in a cat's nature - independent/demanding; aloof/affectionate; wild/domesticated etc. and I want to incorporate some of that in my design. Watch this space for further developments.

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  1. Judith, what a great class. I've missed this one with all my family problems. What an interesting idea for your first project. Are planning to do it in monotone? Natalia