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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Red square in a pink world

Yes, that's right, Red Square is completed!

I really enjoyed stitching this piece - inspired by the trip to Russia a couple of years ago. The backing is interlaced strips of red silk - every shade and pattern that I had - and then I just played with gold and red threads. The peacock blue is there as a nod towards the brilliant colours on the domes of St Basil's Cathedral.

Why is my world pink? These are just a few of the flowers that I received from my wonderful son and daughter for Mother's Day last Sunday.

And of course, my rocking chair where I sit and stitch in the afternoon in my studio is covered in my lovely Liberty fabric quilt.

I signed up for another on-line course this week - at River Garden Studio. This one runs over four weeks and I'll be producing a mixed media book. Check out the photographs on the website - so inspiring! The course is entitled The Thread That Weaves, and so I got to thinking about the threads that weave through my textile art - the ones which already do, and the ones which I feel should become more prominent in order to more accurately reflect my personality and the things I love. Lace is a constant, as are the colours pink and purple, a little bit shabby/cottage chic, my love of flowers, small things, Scotland and Russia, faded grandeur and butterflies which speak of new birth/change/metamorphosis, a reflection of how this life I'm living feels.

What is the thread that weaves through your work and art?

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  1. You are a real artist, I like to see what you create. And the flowers are gorgeous, thanks for sharing.