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Friday, 15 February 2013

Stitching at the Railway Inn

OK, so I'm not really stitching at the Railway Inn, but I do have a couple of finished pieces to show you and some progress on my new 48th scale public house. I'm no drinker (at all) but it seemed to me that any English village street worthy of the name would surely have a 'pub'.
Stitching first ...

I think I told you that we'd had a lesson in beading at the Guild's last meeting and I'd wanted to make a little purse ... well here it is. I've not made the chain long enough to wear (on purpose) so this is hanging on my dressing table mirror at the moment - along with that metal bird-adorned heart that I showed you last week. I'm really pleased with the way this turned out, and at least I've used up some of those excess beads I bought for making the name badge.

They are called amulet purses and, according to Wikipedia, an amulet is an object that protects a person from trouble (or evil), and usually take the form of a stone, gemstone, small statue, ring or charm, so I guess that an amulet purse was designed to hold such a thing and keep it close to your heart (if the purse were hung around your neck). Mine doesn't have anything inside it - yet.

I also finished my little goldwork Russian icon.

and another piece of lace. This was stitched in pieces and then assembled and mounted on a piece of calico, which I'm going to turn into a book wrap.

Now here is another photograph of my Cottage Stores, from the outside, and ...

... on the inside. I still need to make a table for the room upstairs, and probably a rug for the floor I think. I made the little linen cupboard from pieces of card.

Now here is the Railway Inn
 First of all the outside.

The inside of the front elevation. This is actually all decorated to match the interior now but I have no photo of that yet to show you.

And here are the rooms. I'm not sure that I will keep the bar where it is at the moment as I have a bench, some tables and some stools to fit in to this room as well and the current arrangement limits the space I have considerably. So the bar might actually end up across the front of the fireplace on the ground floor. I'll play around with the layout for a while before I make any final decision.


  1. Wow Judith! The little beaded purse is exquisite.
    I also love your stitched pieces and the 1:48"
    houses are already looking stunning. I love the tiny furniture pieces.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Your houses are wonderful.
    Bye Faby

  3. the beaded amulet is very pretty, is it a Daphney Ashby one? did do some for a shop when the book came out but have never done one for myself, maybe I should.

    The lace work is superb, could look at it for hours.
    Tour in is coming along well, you have certainkly been very busy recently.

  4. Judith the beaded work is delightful! And you are making great progress on the Cottage Stores and Railway Inn. Like you I don't drink at all so I made my Railway Inn into an accommodation inn. It's fun to do, isn't it? Love the way you are furnishing your Cottage Stores. Hugs, Sandie