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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Samplers galore

Yes ... my sampler book is finished! I'm really pleased with the results and have learned so many new techniques along the way - some I will definitely re-visit, others I probably won't. (never say never!)

The cover and first four pages are a mixture of cross stitch and back stitch.

A little sampler and blackwork

Blackwork sampler and Assissi work

More Assissi work and a page of Hardanger - I didn't much enjoy the Hardanger - all that thread cutting proved a little stressful

More Hardanger and a page of decorative darning

More darning and some drawn thread embroidery

A drawn thread sampler and a page of pulled thread embroidery

and the back cover is back to cross stitch and back stitch 

I also realised today that I never showed you the completed piece of Casalguidi embroidery that I did on the workshop at Gawthorpe Hall last month ...

Casalguidi is traditionally worked in white thread on white fabric but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I very very rarely stitch in pure white - in fact I had to buy the thread for the raised bar especially for the workshop.

Last week's workshop at the Embroiderers Guild meeting was run by Linda Rudkin, who does the most amazing work with natural dyes and silk fibres. She showed us how to mould silk fibres around a variety of objects - I chose a pebble from my garden and a small bowl. Again, I'm really pleased with the results and will definitely be doing more of this.


  1. Beautiful work, I love your sampler book. Gill x

  2. Judith your samlper book is a pure delight, would love to see it in real life, are you going to the K & S this weekend? I will be there thursday and saturday and maybe go back sunday

  3. how rude forgot to comment on the lovely vase you made in the workshop and your pebble.

  4. Judith, the sampler book is so sweet. A group gathers each week in Waikanae, NZ, and a number of our ladies are keen to construct something similar. They will determine what stitches they intend to leave to their granddaughters. Any assistance we could have for the construction of the actual books would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Muy interesante! Me gusta mucho este diseño libro, con todas las técnicas del bordado. Gracias por compartirlo con nosotras.

  6. Muy bonito el libro con ténicas de bordado.
    Gracias por compartirlo.