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Friday, 28 September 2012

Miniature sewing room

I started on some new minis! Inspired by an article in a magazine I saw a few months back, I've decided to make a little sewing room scene, trying to use what  I already have in my workroom. So here are the first few items ...

I covered a piece of foam board with scrap book paper for the floor.

 I took a cheap wardrobe, painted it all white, made some shelves and lined all the inside with scrapbook paper.
I lined the drawers with the same paper.

I made a table from some scraps of wood

The rolls of fabric are glued and rolled around pieces of dowelling and the bolts of fabric and lace are glued around pieces of mountboard.


  1. I like the paper of the wardrobe and drawers.
    Bye Faby

  2. Wardrobe looks nice, I can't wait to see it full of goodies! MIni hugs, Natalia

  3. not just a stitcher but you are a carpenter,painter and decorator oh yes floor layer as well. Working in miaiture I imagine is far harder than a larger project, looking forward to seeing the finished room