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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday stitching roundup

I don't feel that there's an awful lot to show this week that's finished. The blackwork tree of life is complete.

and I've been busy working on my second piece for the sumptuous surfaces course. This piece is in colour and I've based my design on lichen covered rocks but really didn't want it to end up being a true representation of that. I wanted it to be more of an abstract design, which is a bit of a diversion for me as I don't normally do abstract. I did the low profile stitching in a pulled work stitch known as four sided stitch.

And then I've made a start with the colour. At first I felt that I was in danger of this becoming a symphony in green but I'm better pleased with it now I've added in some of the reds.

 In other news ... on Thursday I went to Sheffield to meet up with a third cousin who I've 'met' in my searches for family history and we went to Renishaw Hall gardens. We didn't really have time to go inside the house but the sun was shining (for the first and only time this week!) and it was beautiful.

 This castellated folly is actually a pet's graveyard and there is a whole circle of tiny headstones inside.
 This is the white garden.

 and this is the long border
 The whole garden is set out like a series of 'rooms' so it's lovely to explore as around every hedge corner there is another surprise.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What a beautiful place Judith, and your stitching is progressing nicely too.
    Hugs Sandie

  2. Love your Blackwork, but the progress on sumptuous surface strikes me more. I love abstract - a great way to express yourself! Natalia

  3. Ciao!!! Che meraviglia di lavori!! Complimenti!!
    Vuoi diventare mia amica?
    Un bacio dalla sicilia