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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Welcome to Thornhill Manor

Yes - it's finished! Well, finished enough to bring out of the workroom and into the house. There will be more additions yet for quite a while no doubt. Anyhow, I'm inviting you to come along with me on the grand tour.

Here we go ... through the front door ...

and into the entrance hall. This still looks very bare and I already have umbrellas and walking sticks waiting for me to buy/make a stand for them. I shall probably also add a coat rack of some kind but for now there is a hall stand with a handbag and shopping basket.

We'll go through that door on your right and into the butler's pantry.

There is still lots of space on those shelves but they are starting to fill. An iron stands on top of the wood burning stove and the desk on the left of the room is where the cook plans her menus and keeps her shopping receipts.

Now, back across the hall and into the kitchen.

Again, there is still space in some of the cupboards but cook has been busy baking cakes and the cat is coming to see if she has time to find him some food too.

Upstairs onto the first floor hallway. This is the floor where the public rooms are so the gentleman of the house is displaying his wealth and heritage with the two suits of armour and the portraits on the wall. Through the door on your right ...

and we're in the dining room. The display cabinet now contains several ornaments and there is a clock on the mantlepiece and flowers on the table. I'll probably add a carpet in here to prevent the chairs scratching on the wooden boards.

Across the hallway and into the sitting room where the occupants of the house entertain their guests after dinner.

There is correspondence to be dealt with on the writing bureau and more flowers and ornaments on the mantlepiece.

Then upstairs again to the second floor.

Again, this hallway is a little bare and I'll probably add a chair and small table at the back to make a cosy little nook for sitting and reading a book.

On the right of this hallway is the master bedroom - resplendent in blue and ivory silk.

And across the hallway is the study - a very masculine room with the sheepskin rug, desk complete with open atlas and refreshments and the shelves filled with books and trophies.

Upstairs again brings us into the roof space of the house where we have the children's room and nursery. The baby's cot sits against the left hand wall next to the rocking chair while the girl's bed takes up the right hand side of the room. There are books and games on the shelves against the back wall and a toy box with a large rug for her to sit on while she plays.

If we go through the doorway at the back of the children's room we enter the bathroom with its chest of drawers filled with towels and linens and the small cabinet filled with toiletries.

And here we are back outside where you can see the house in its final resting place. I do hope you enjoyed your tour.


  1. Me ha encantado visitar tu fantastica casa, seguro que disfrutas muchisimo poniendole los ultimos detalles.
    besitos ascension

  2. Nos encanto el paseo por la casa, es preciosa. Un saludo

  3. Piękny dom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cudowne jest każde pomieszczenie. Rewelacja. Uściski!

  4. Judith, congratulations on finishing your hoouse! It looks fabulous!

  5. Muchas felicidades!!! Has logrado un ambiente increíblemente acogedor y elegante,todo un gran trabajo!!!!

  6. It's a fantastic house!
    Bye Faby

  7. Judith it's a lovely house and I really enjoyed the tour - you have done a great job! I would love to live in such a place. Hugs Sandie

  8. Can I spend my vacations there??? I simply love the whole atmosphere!!!!!