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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New displays in the cake shop

And here's a quick reminder about the giveaway, which closes on the 28th. I realised that the photograph I showed before didn't actually show the cushion. The prize is the chair, the cushion and the little doll. The second photograph shows that she's fully dressed with matching pink bloomers under her skirt. If you haven't already let me know you want to take part, leave a comment under either this entry, or the original one and become a follower of my blog.

I know I should be making curtains for the manor house but I'm suffering from a definite case of procrastination with that house at the moment. I've ordered some more accessories for it which the postman tried to deliver today while I was out meeting a friend for lunch. When I collect them from the post office on Friday I'm hoping that they will bring back my enthusiasm for the project and that I'll make some more progress over the weekend. That's the plan, anyhow.

While I was searching for 24th scale manor house bits, I also treated myself to some new display cabinets for the cake shop part of the Attic tea rooms. The tea rooms face the chair where I sit to eat breakfast every day and I've been thinking about renovating it a little for a while now. Decisions on what to do with it finally made, the parcel of display units arrived in the post yesterday, so of course today I had to play and put in all my cakes and bread. While I was at it I sorted out the shelving unit for behind the counter too.

This is the unit which stands behind the sales assistant to display the collection of teapots. There are packets of Twinings tea for sale too. The left hand drawer (which I forgot to open for the photograph) contains menu cards for the tea rooms. On the bottom shelf are tins of biscuits for use in the tea rooms and cake boxes ready for when a customer makes a purchase in the cake shop.

This tall unit contains swiss rolls, jam tarts, iced fancies and battenburg slices as well as an iced birthday cake and a selection of bread loaves and rolls.

This is the glass topped counter complete with cake display and a three tier wedding cake on top. The assistant is wrapping a loaf in a paper bag ready for a customer.

This is the cake shop at the moment with the shop assistant/waitress and all the displays in position. I know the wood doesn't match but I'm quite happy about that. I may tone down the new cabinets anyhow as they are quite red, but for the moment I'm living with it as it is.

And this is how it looks through the window - far more enticing to passers by I think than it was before.


  1. Your shop is beautiful. I love all your teapots and cakes. You have displayed them wonderful.Your little doll is so cute.
    Hugs Maria

  2. The shop is amazing. I like the collection of teapots.
    Bye Faby

  3. Il negozio è bellissimo, adoro le teiere ed i dolcini!
    Il giveawy è stupendo, la bambolina è un amore!!

  4. Sklep jest rewelacyjny. Bardzo mi się podoba.

  5. The tearoom looks wonderful, with the display cabinets full of delicious goodies.

  6. I have been a follower for a while and thought I had entered your lovely giveaway but just found that I hadn't. Please count me in - I would be thrilled to win!! I will put the link on my blog now.